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Why SF Fandom Sends Out Holiday Greeting Messages - BoardAdmin - December 27th, 2015

We rarely receive any complaints about our holiday greetings messages. We do receive a few thank you emails throughout the year for reminding people that we know about about their birthdays and those holiday greetings sometimes evoke some interesting responses.

But aside from reminding the thousands of registered forum members that we're still active and welcome new discussion, we also use the holiday greetings to prune active user accounts with invalid email addresses. People may register with a free or work email address and over time they change their main email account but don't update their SF Fandom account.

When we receive a bounce message from an old mail box we move an active account into the "Orphaned Accounts" group. Orphaned Accounts cannot post messages to the forums. We require that members in Orphan status contact us with a valid email address so that we can update their account information.

Any Orphaned Accounts that don't have posting activity are deleted so that those user names can be registered again by new members.

We may also include information about the Xenite.Org network in our holiday greetings messages. This year we announced the rebuild of our Xena Online Resources custom search engine. Although there are many projects across the network we don't include them all (such as the new Star Wars Movies Portal and Gaming Websites Today portal on Xenite.Org) because it's hard to track all the changes and additions we make to the network throughout the year.

You can always log into your user account dashboard and disable admin notifications. If we need to contact you about a moderation issue we will re-activate that option briefly until the issue is resolved, and then we will disable the notices for you again.

Why SF Fandom Sends Out Holiday Greeting Messages - Michael - March 24th, 2019

Due to extended illness, I wasn't able to send out the December 2017 holiday greeting. I decided to defer the 2018 greeting because I knew we would try to move the forums this year. It's taking longer than I thought it should but that's life.