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RIP Shirley Temple Black - FilmGuy - February 11th, 2014

Generations of children grew up watching her dance and sing in movies that were made before their parents and grand-parents were born. According to CNN and other sources Shirley Temple Black has passed away at the age of 85 from natural causes.

In addition to being a box office dominating child star, Temple Black also served her country in several ambassadorial roles.

Our thoughts and best wishes go out to her loved ones.

RIP Shirley Temple Black - badlands - February 18th, 2014

She dances in stars.

RIP Shirley Temple Black - Michael - February 25th, 2014

It didn't take long. I am already starting to see tabloids in supermarkets using her name in weird story headlines. I don't read the tabloids if I can avoid doing so.

RIP Shirley Temple Black - FilmGuy - February 25th, 2014

This is my favorite Shirley Temple dance sequence, where she pairs up with Bojangles himself.

Watch Shirley Temple and Bojangles in "The Little Colonel" from YouTube
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