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What should I read next? - Irene - January 2nd, 2010

It's a lovely Saturday afternoon in Connecticut. The last two weekend snow storms had finally melted away, so I woke to another two inches of snow. I've been watching movies most of the day. The newspaper and the mail were delivered through the snow, and I have finally waited out my neighbor who has just started up the blower. [He is working on his own driveway now -but I have hopes he'll be working on my sidewalk soon. Yes!!! I just peaked out and he has just started my sidewalk.]

I've also been doing some reading. Trying to get the random shelves thinned out so that I can put things on higher shelves, and finally stop horizontal shelving, and double deep stacking. I have a small stack of SciFi & Fantasy to bring to the convention in March, to which I'll be driving, and can dump a pile of stuff on my book dealer friends. Right now there is a stack of Rita May Brown (and Sneaky Pie Brown) books next to my reading chair, and I've started on the stack. Maybe my mom will be interested in these? She reads mostly mysteries.

I haven't read anything by Andre Norton in a while. Mostly that's because when I go to her books, and I hold my hand over the tops, I can remember what happens. It is only time to re-read when the next book in a series comes out, if I don't remember what happens, or when I need the comfortable.

Maybe it's time for RALESTONE LUCK again. That might fit my mood of needing something warm and familiar.

So, what are you reading on this Winter day?

What should I read next? - shasqa - January 2nd, 2010

For a winters day I'd recommend the bunny book, Watership Down, a great comfort read.

Right now I'm reading Children of Dune - I'd forgotten how well I liked that series. Seriously good stuff.

Or you could try mine - :wicked: - ebook only at smashwords (The Last King's Amulet). It's a fantasy and you can read 40% for free, and if you like it the rest will only cost 2 bucks.

What should I read next? - Paul Goode - January 2nd, 2010

FOLLOW THE DRUM. That's what I always go for when I need to pick a very comfortable Norton. I average twice a year on that one. Right now, I am rereading A BOOK DRAGON by Donn Kushner, one of my favorite stories of all time. That and I'm actually organizing and updating my filk songbook for GaFilk Jan 8-10. Imagine that--Me organized?. Oh yes, I just wrote a new song about Andre Norton. Later Kind Folks--Paul:wave: Confusedurprise: :trio:

ps. I turned Andre on to A BOOK DRAGON and she loved it.

What should I read next? - wodentoad - January 5th, 2010

I remember A Book Dragon, it's one of my favorites! Unfortunately, my dear darling sister stole my copy, along with a few other favorites. I should probably go back to her house and raid her collection for my books.