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Update on posting issues - Michael - July 24th, 2008

I have rebuilt several forum indices, including reindexing all the threads for search functions.

I also found we had an unrelated application installed on our server with a default setting that launched way too many processes. I've reduced the number of active processes for that application to a more reasonable number. It may be that all the extra processes were draining server resources.

Finally, I've turned on error logging for the forums. If the things I've done tonight don't make any difference in forum performance I'll review the logs with Dixie next week.

Just so everyone knows, I'll be going on a three-day trip Thursday evening. I do not anticipate having much if any Internet access, but I'll take a laptop with me just in case.

Update on posting issues - Stripe - July 24th, 2008

Thanks Michael - Have a great trip.