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Belated Birthday - Paul Goode - February 18th, 2008

I wasn't able to get online yesterday and missed the opportunity to send out Birthday greetings to the Great Lady(95) and to anyone else who born on this day. Later Kind Folks--Paul:bg:

Belated Birthday - catsrule1 - February 18th, 2008

Paul G., you did better than I. I have never been good with dates, but thought it was tomorrow, the 19th. Thanks for remembering and posting it. I echo your birthday wishes to the Lady who has provided me with almost 50 years of literary pleasure.

Belated Birthday - Steven Vogel - February 19th, 2008

Thank you Paul. Fond birthday remembrances for Ms. Norton, and best birthday wishes for all her friends who share her birth date.

A colleague of Ms. Norton passed on her birthday Sunday. Adele De Leeuw wrote many children's books, and her career was in several ways similar to the Lady's.
I know that she admired Ms. Norton (from a warm book inscription) and may have been influenced by her writing--undoubtedly this high regard went in both directions. They did get to meet in life; I do not know how often they were able to see one another as friends, but I like to believe they are chatting together this week.

Belated Birthday - Steven Vogel - February 20th, 2008

Please pardon my error. I misread the date in the Times (there were two dates on my screen), and I now note that Adele De Leeuw preceded Ms. Norton in death. Did anyone on the list know Ms. De Leeuw or know how these two authors may have inspired one another in specific ways?