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Boskone convention - tmon - December 31st, 2007

Who's going? I am.


Boskone convention - Irene - January 1st, 2008

I will be there.

I usually help with setup, and then do early morning registration each day.
Look for my name on my badge (There are seldom any other Irene's).

If that doesn't work, try the art show. You can ask anyone on the Staff where Irene might be. That could work.

Boskone convention - tmon - January 2nd, 2008

You do know we met once. You came to the west coast. Smile


Boskone convention - Irene - January 2nd, 2008

Please note: Memory fried. [First day back at work since 12/21.]

No local memory found.

Boskone convention - Irene - February 20th, 2008

Well Tom (aka TMon) and I did see each other at Boskone.

But, I was, silly me, tied up with my volunteer tasks. ["You couldn't pay me enough to work this hard."] This is my local SF club after all.

I did get to a few panel discussions. One; developed into a Bruce Coville roast, without Bruce being present. The other; how Dean Morrissey & Omar Rayyam do their illustrations for Children.

There were a few Norton items there. I picked up two books, one a Baen Collection, and the other a re-packaged MAGIC BOOKS. These were out for volunteers only. Somehow, I had missed buying those in the shops. There was also a lovely ORDEAL IN OTHERWHERE, for $200-300 (blame my bad memory - but I stopped listening when he said hundred). This was a 1964 pre-pub, from an era when there aren't usually any pre-pubs available.

I spent all day Friday, and several hours Thursday doing convention set up. For you who have never discovered the joys of volunteering at a convention. There are secret perks to doing so. Boskone has the "Secret Buffet" Thursday evening, and a special 'Staff Den' with real food (sandwiches, salads & drinks) to be had all through the convention. At Nippon/WorldCon 2007, I convinced my friend to volunteer for just 1 hour each day. This entitled her to access to their 'staff den' where there there were free bottles of water and snacks. Most conventions run on volunteer power. So make the convention your own. [This plug brought to you by Irene, who has found her hand being raised when they ask for volunteers more times than she wants to admit.]

This convention has a few Art show wall panels available for resale of art. I brought two pieces that I no longer have room for on my walls. I am glad to say that they both sold. [Meaning I didn't have to take the big one back on the Subway and it's several down staircases.] I gave both of the winners the packing material that I had used to get the art there. The larger piece went with it's garment bag (water proofing) and large travel bag.