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Long Time Gone, Ebay Norton's - Ed M. - March 14th, 2007

[SIZE="2"][/SIZE] Wow, it looks like i've not logged in since April 2006. Time does fly.
As some of you know, about the same time that our beloved Andre was going through some major life changes like selling her library and moving into Sue's home, I too was going through some major life changes, Remarrying and needing some funds for the 1 carat ring my wife now wears. Andre was selling some books, I too sold some Andre Norton material, THANK YOU, YOU KNOW WHO! Over the last three years, what was once arguably one of the largest most complete Andre Norton collections, (at least "signed") has largely dwindled. That large U.S. lot and large U.K. lot on Ebay last week will soon be heading overseas. There are some items, i will never part with, and the memories will never be taken away, (although i turn 50 on Friday- so eventually i may just forget). I realize that this is not a forum in which to sell stuff, but i also have seen posts where someone pointed out something interesting on Ebay. Well, I am doing that now, they just happen to be my items. I still have some goodies up my sleeve and beginning tonight i shall be offering some of them. MOST, will be available at "FIXED PRICE", no need to watch it, no need to bid on it, it will be fairly priced and all 'ya gotta do is hit the button and pay me quick and it is YOURS. I know a number of you have bought selectively from me in the past. I can remember years ago when Roger Schlobin was moving and parted with a lot of stuff. At the time, i considered that just incredible, yet i've done pretty much the same thing. However, it has been very rewarding to know that the fruits of my passion/obsession have carefully passed into other loving and receptive hands. Check out the offerings as they appear. I sell under abacusbooksandrecords thanks and thanks for the :help:

Long Time Gone, Ebay Norton's - jimqwerty - March 15th, 2007

Just bought a set. Wish I could afford more of them.

Thanks, James

Long Time Gone, Ebay Norton's - Michael - March 15th, 2007

Ed, we know you, so it's okay for you to post your message here. We're less welcoming to 1-time posters who only want to sell their stuff.