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Lightsaber colors? - Darth-Sith-Man - January 23rd, 2006

To be honest with you, I think George Lucas just thought which ones would look cool on the characters. There doesn't have to be a meaning behind them. Other alternate forms of Star Wars have tried to explain it, like in games and books and stuff, and they all confuse each other with different meanings. Maybe if we just settle this and say that there is no way of finding out, unless you speak to George Lucas personally. And I'm sure he wouldn't know the reason either.

Lightsaber colors? - the nighthunter - January 23rd, 2006

I agree with Darth-Sith-Man. He just did what he thought was fun. Sounds perfectly illogically logical.

Lightsaber colors? - Darth Chloron - January 31st, 2006

well blue and green have always been the jedi colours, and the good side colors. red is more an evil colour for evil guys