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Andre Norton to read - Irene - February 15th, 2006

Well. Here is your chance to pick something for Irene to read .

I just found out that I'm doing a half hour reading Saturday 3/18 at Lunacon
"Andre Norton Tribute Reading"

What do I bring? What do I read?

I suppose I could bring a couple of paper backs, and mark a favorite passage?
I could also bring a couple of photo copies of more esoteric stuff, like that page from the missing SWORD series book.


Andre Norton to read - Paul B. - February 15th, 2006

Well, I posted my suggestion(s) in the "Happy Birthday Andre" thread, where this was also posted. But I'd say, read something that means the most to you personally. Something that says "Andre Norton" to *you*.

Good luck!

Andre Norton to read - Paul Goode - February 15th, 2006

Hi Irene,
I agree with Paul. Pick something that means "Norton" to you. For myself, it is the passage in The Stars Are Ours containing the quote that gives the book its title(hint: see the bottom of my post[minus the typo, natch]). Also,I would include the passage in Witch World where Petronius(sp.) is explaining about the Siege Perilous. The end of Catseye is also an excellent read. The X Factor has some great Diskan Fentris/ Brothers-in-fur sequences. I like the idea about the fourth Swords book. The "guest's" blessing of the house in one or more of the witch world books(Quoted, I think, in the intro to Moonsingers Friends) Would be an awesome intro.
But in the end, It's up to you (Who better?) to pick. Have Fun. Later Kind Folks--Paul :wave:

Andre Norton to read - Irene - February 15th, 2006

Luckily I have a month to figure this out. I only found out about it yesterday (Tues 2/14). I've got your suggestions.

Maybe if I photocopy a bunch of pages, remembering to credit them), and see if I can come up with a themed message.

Something less of a critique than Roger Schlobin put in the Bibliography, and more of a saga. Perhaps ending with an entire short story, or poem.

The Catseye paragraph on animals, the Stars are Ours message, and several others, might make a nice beginning. Sort of a philosophy of the author. Some excerpts of what made an Andre Norton book. Ending with a short story, or poem (Twinkle, Twinkle, little star?)

Perhaps inspiration will strike. Maybe my worst problem will be keeping this down to a half hour.

Andre Norton to read - Jerrie - February 15th, 2006

There've already been lots of excellent suggestions I'll enthusiastically second.

Since you won't have time to go for range of works, you'll have to go for theme [witih possibly some poetry or emotion thrown in]. Still, could you bring some of your color copies of the jackets to at least show the range of genres she wrote in: westerns, adventure, pirate, romance, etc., along with the usual suspects?

Just a thought.

Andre Norton to read - Michael - February 16th, 2006

Whoa! Deja vu....I said, Deja vu...