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Zathura - The Thunder Child - October 30th, 2005

Another adventure from the universe of Jumanji.

I didn't care for Jumanji when I first saw it, but it grew on me when I got the tape (mainly because I'd fast forward it past the beginning and start it when they first start playing the game).

I'll be going to see this, but I don't have high hopes. I wish they'd done a role reversal - made the astronaut a woman and the *****y older sister a *****y older brother (or whatever the descriptive term for older brothers is!)

Edited to say: Ah, I see there are some words you're not allowed to use here! Well, probably a good thing!

Zathura - Michael - October 31st, 2005

Just wait until you try to use some similar words that should be allowed.

Anyway, I don't follow Jumangi but have seen the preview for "Zathura" and it looks interesting. I think it will appeal to non-traditional fans.

Zathura - The Thunder Child - November 8th, 2005

Had a chance to see a preview of this movie at my local theater a week ago, but I didnt' realize it *was* a preview, so I missed it. Now I've got to wait a couple more weeks, eh?

Well, I hope the b--tchy sister is a better female character than the ones in Chicken Little, but I don't hold out high hopes...

Zathura - Michael - November 8th, 2005

Well, it's a movie. Cute, entertaining, kid-level moralism. The Zorgons were kind of cool.

I think I enjoyed "The Legend of Zorro" better and will probably try to see that again before it leaves the theaters.

Zathura - The Thunder Child - December 8th, 2005

Hm...doesn't seem to be much of an interest here about Zathura. Is Michael the only one who saw it?

I saw it a couple of weeks ago, and liked it as much as I expected to - meaning not very much.

The special effects were good...but the plot left a great deal to be desired.

Zathura - Michael - December 9th, 2005

I don't know who is watching the movie, but it has had a better run than I expected.

Zathura - Sciguy - December 9th, 2005

This is an interesting concept for a movie. I know it's based off a book itself, but it also sounds very similar to a book called Interstellar Pig by William Sleator. I've actually seen better reviews for this movie than I expected.

Zathura - catlord29 - December 11th, 2005

I have a hard time going to a movie that is just a rip - off of a movie they already made, switched genres, and then added a moral to the story.

Zathura - Michael - December 13th, 2005

What was the movie they already made?