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Anakin's Motives... (spoilers) - Darth Bore - January 31st, 2006

perhaps he was just an ******* Confusedo:

Anakin's Motives... (spoilers) - Saber - January 31st, 2006

I think he did it to save Padme, and because of his lust for greater power. I do, however, believe that his desires to save Padme was the clincher.

Anakin didn't turn because he wanted to rule the galaxy. He wasn't ever looking for that kind of power. His greatest lust that they show in the movies is that he wants to be a jedi master, and he is pretty mad that he isn't seeing as how he has greater potential being the chosen one. His "ruling the galaxy" comment didn't come until after he had been turned and had been fed the lies of the Emperor. IMO, case closed, he did it for Padme.

Anakin's Motives... (spoilers) - Genius Gone Insane - February 8th, 2006

How come no one gets it?! Man, this is fricken mind-boggling, then again it is difficult to explain so bear with me.

Good (Jedi) and Evil (Sith) are fighting over the Republic. Good is so desperate to win that it's willing to cheat. Qui-Gon alluded to this and KNEW change was necessary in order to restore Balance (read the book).

We finally see Good cheating when Mace says "let's kill Palps" because killing someone who is not proven guilty is against the Jedi way. If Mace lets him live then Palps will get an unfair trial and not be punished. In order to preserve Good, Mace must commit an evil act. Therefore the Good Jedi are no longer good.

So let's say Anakin lets Mace kill off Palps. Then the Jedi would have won and everyone lived. The problem here is that the Senate would still be corrupt and the Jedi order would remain flawed because it needed to "cheat".

That's why Anakin's betrayal was necessary. It restored order to the galaxy basically by killing everything off. He betrayed the Jedi and wiped their slate clean. Then in Ep VI he went on to betray the Emperor and wipe the Sith clean.

It's all quite beautiful if you think about it.

Anakin's Motives... (spoilers) - Gundar Jin - February 9th, 2006

It also doesn't answer my question about how a dream of the future can occur when the future it predicts is not immenent.

I say a false future, being a lie, is of necessity an invention of a liar, and therefore, the dreams Anakin had of Padme's death were not the real future, but implanted into his mind by Palpatine, through the dark side of the force.

I say that without the dreams, he wouldn't have turned. Since Padme's actual cause of death was Anakin's turning, I propose that the dreams were a fabrication of Palpatine's design, not a vision of the future (at least until, reacting to the dreams, Anakin acted in a way that caused them to come true).

Anakin's Motives... (spoilers) - Darth Bore - February 9th, 2006

it was not a false future it actually happended, albiet a self forfilling prophey cause if Anakin had not tried to prevent it it would never have happended. The question is where did he get that image from? did Palps plant it maybe?

Anakin's Motives... (spoilers) - Gundar Jin - February 10th, 2006

That is my belief. As I have stated, since Anakin wasn't about to turn, and in fact even came close to fighting Darth Sidious, I believe that without the dream, he wouldn't have worried so much about Palpatine's fate. And it was his concern for Padme's life that caused him to accept the dark side grudgingly, at least at first. I think the dark side warped his mind, pliable though it was, and without that chain of events, he would not have turned.

So, if it was not the actual future, I think it's necessary to conclude that it was implanted by Palpatine. Perhaps it was a Sith version of the Jedi Mind Trick, or some variation, that enabled Sidious to implant the dream into Anakin's mind.

This makes more sense to me than anything else.