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Xena Music Video Question - Gabby - September 21st, 2004

I'm a fan of Xena music videos that I see in just about every website dedicated to the heroine that has music videos dedicated to her. But I'm looking for one in particular that I once saw but can no longer find. The in particular are:Send Me An Angel, by the Australian band Real Life, showing Gabby as an Archangel, Bette Midler's One True Friend, which shows the special friendship of Xena and Gabby, and lastly, She's A Lady, by I don't really know who, where it shows clips of Gabby, in one of my favorite episodes, "Married With Fishsticks." Does anyone have any idea where I could get this videos. I used to have them, and I've tried to look for them again to download but I'm having such hard time in finding them again!

In loving memory of Polo MontaƱez a.k.a. el Guajiro Natural.

In loving memory of Jesse Nilsson.

Xena Music Video Question - Tobias - September 21st, 2004

You can get One True Friend here:

Xenaversity has a fairly long list of other sites with music videos you might want to check also.