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Full Version: Happy Birthday Bummer2323!
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Yep, our dear friend Angie, a stalwart and mainstay of the Jack movement and a Jackhead from way back celebrates her.... *cough* 21st birthday today. (That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.)

While hardly more than a mere slip of a girl herself, Angie's warm personality, wicked sense of humor and caring heart made her a fave of regulars in 2000, and she became something of a mother figure to all the young girls who were flocking to the old SUSA site. (In fact, you could say she is ze beegest mother-figure in ze entire fan movement!) Ironically, Ang' has prevailed over just about every curveball life can throw at someone, with grace, dignity and courage, and is now happily married, happily employed, and the mother of two adorable tykes, Conner and.... yep, you guessed it - Jack. :laugh: (She swears it's short for Jackson, but his middle name is Zander, so..... you be the judge. I'm waitin' for child # 3, Ash "Spike" Crichton O'Neill . :tongue: )

Jack Pack Fan #63 since 7/6/00 - bummer2323 - Angie, we salute you!

Happy Birthday!

:birthday: :party:

BTW - I think this may be Angie's first post on the world of Jack, and my first interaction with her! Hilarious that it was her being rational about the ratings!

Member posted July 01, 2000 06:39 PM
Although I'm far from being an expert on ratings and such; I find it interesting that the ratings have been basically holding steady despite that fact that they are showing reruns for the third time... Shouldn't this be encouraging? We are apparently not losing viewers....


Member posted July 01, 2000 07:38 PM
Exactly. The ratings are correct. The interpretations are *very* subjective. Go over to the Xena forum, and do a simple "search" on the individual(s) who post the ratings, and see whether or not they/he/she are interested in "Jack" and "Cleo" continuing as they are. You'll be amazed.

Member posted July 02, 2000 07:32 PM
I see what you's almost as if they want JOAT to be cancelled....that's surprising to me since I figured Xena fans would enjoy Jack as well....they seemed almost gleeful when they stated that Jack was already cancelled...I don't get it!

Happy Birthday Angie!!!!!!

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Happy birthday! *brings out a big, yummy cake* Make a wish! :blow:
Wonderful wishes for a Happy Birthday! :hello: :birthday: :wink:
How embarrassing!! Thank you so much for reminding me how DELUDED we were!!! JEEEEZ!!

Thank you everyone, for the warm wishes, regardless of my delusions!!
Naw, you made a very astute observation - Jack's numbers were very constant over the summer. In fact, a lot of people, especially the Drunken Pig lounge group, didn't really latch onto the show until the summer and the 3rd round of reruns, simply because that's when vacation was. With as many students as we had, a lot of people just weren't as likely to be staying up 'til 1 AM or later, or be at home at 11 on a Saturday morning of 3 on a Saturday afternoon, as they were during vacation time. As we know, the problem was simply that there weren't enough of us.

Now as for Xena fans being gleeful about Jack being cancelled.... well, 4 years later they were still holding out for "The Grudge" and "The Boogeyman" to be failures. Instead, they were both record-setting box-office successes. :laugh:

Another year....and one again, we say...

to the (strawberry) blonde bombshell herself! Heart :love: :party: :birthday: :blow:
Another year has rolled around - so

[SIZE="3"]Happy Birthday Angie!!![/SIZE]

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Happy Bday!!!!! ^_^

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Bumping this up a few days in advance of the actual event.....
:party: Wishing you a very Happy Birthday and may all your wishes come true!:party:
Hey! I remembered my password! Wooohooo!! Thanks (better late than never).
:lol: You need to hang out here more often! :poke:
:birthday: May your birthday be filled with all the things that make you happy:birthday:
[SIZE="7"]Happy Birthday!!![/SIZE]

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It's the day - wishing a very happy birthday to ze biggest mother-figure in the entire fan movement - Jack Pack Fan #63 , and Keeper of Jack's shirts and broach ("the thing holding his Dragoon cape on) and Nappy's Daring Dragoon doll) Bummer2323! :clap: :party: :birthday: :hat: :balloons:
Wishing Angie a very happy birthday! :party: :balloons: :birthday: :love: :hat: Heart
It's the day - happy birthday to Angie!
Wishing Angie a very happy birthday! :love: :party: :hat: :blow: :birthday: :balloons: Heart