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Full Version: Happy Birthday to Campbell Cooley!
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Surely we all remember the famous "drool" interrogation from "In Sickness and in Hell," right? Xena puts the pinch on a Scythian assassin, but has to use the facilities, leaving Gab, whose mouth and tongue are numb, to question him. We see her from his viewpoint, screaming as she drools on him from above, saying "Tawk, tak - tel uth whut u no..."

The look on his face is priceless. :laugh:

Well, that Scythian was played by Campbell Cooley, also seen as bad guys in "Vanishing Act" and "Tale of Two Muses," as a reporter in "Soul Possession," and as the casino owner Vargas in "Love Amazon Style" on HTLJ. Plus we very nearly saw him as Lachrymose in "Punch Lines" and the head cannibal guy in "The Abyss," roles that he also auditioned for.

Campbell has been very accessible to fans, and I have a tribute page to him here with details on his career. Tomorrow, Jan. 13th, is his birthday, although that's today in NZ. So join in, and wish Cam Cooley a Happy Birthday!

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to Campbell Cooley!

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Cool Beans!!! Happy Birthday to you sir, may it be the best one ever!! :party: :birthday: :party:

Great tribute page btw August. I remember seeing Campbell in Vertical Limit and going "okay, I know that guy..." :bg: A man of many faces indeed!
OMGs!!! Thanks for letting me a bit more about this guy! Just recently I rewatched ISAIH and thought that scene was hilarious and yeah,I thought the look on this guy's face was priceless!!!

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Happy Birthday Campell Cooley!!! Hope you have a great day!Smile
FYI, there are some other messages for the Camster at

Melissa aka Mel

Hope you had a very good day
Another year.... and it's Cam's birthday again!


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To leave a birthday message for Campbell Cooley, go here.
It's already the 13th in Auckland, so........HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!

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(And the link above is still perfect for leaving him any b'day wishes.... or post 'em here! :bg: )
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!:crown: :daisy: :birthday: :birthday:
It's Campbell's birthday!

And there was much rejoicing!

This year the details are over in the Herc forum - so get over there! :bg:
Well durn - haven't observed this day in a while! :eek: Wishing Cam Cooley a very happy birthday! :balloons: :party: :hat:
In case people need a little refresher, he has been active since the days of Xena: Warrior Princess according to his bio on IMDB.

I guess he does a lot of voice work now.