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Full Version: Vicky Pratt's birthday!
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Happy Birthday Vicky!


:party: :birthday:
(hmm... I actually marked this day in my diary)
Go, go, go shorty it's yr birthday! We're gonna party like it's yr birthday!

Happy b-day Victoria!!! Queen for a day :crown:

Cool! Happy Birthday to Vicky, a fellow Canadian Wink , and the reason I love Cleopatra 2525!
wow, she's 33?! I thought she was still in her twenties!

Quote:Originally posted by Antha
wow, she's 33?! I thought she was still in her twenties!

That's cause she looks gooooood! :laugh:
Oh you got that right boomstick! She's soooo fine hehehe okay I'll stop now Wink
:party: Happy birthday Vicky! :blow:
Happy Birthday!Heart :blow: Confusedun: :jester: :party: :love: :birthday: :crazy:
And 34 never looked better! :bg:

Happy birthday to my fave character on Cleo, the best part of Mutant X, and all around Canadian hottie Vicky Pratt! :crown:

Another year has passed.... and Vicky is another year older, and another year more beautiful!

from her bio:

Victoria Pratt

Birth name
Victoria Ainsle Pratt

5' 6" (1.68 m)

hmmmmmm ...that may be a little generous - I seem to recall Jennifer Sky being a head taller than she...

Mini biography

She graduated summa c um laude from York University in Toronto and went on to work at the University in its Human Performance Lab, testing such elite professional athletes as the Toronto Maple Leafs and Winnipeg Jets and San Jose Sharks. She was also offered a scholarship to the master's program in physiotherapy at the University of Toronto but declined. She has writen a book on fitness and bodybuilding with one of her former university professors. Robert Kennedy (publisher of MuscleMag - whom she used to write for) convinced her to study acting and she began taking classes at the Actors Network in Toronto. Victoria is a blue belt in Shotokan karate and her favorite form of exercise is kickboxing. Victoria splits her time between Toronto, Los Angeles and New Zealand.

T.J. Scott (October 2000 - present)



Attended York University in Toronto. Has a degree in Kinesiology

Is left handed

Grew up in a small town of Chesley, Ontario, Canada

Canadian Track & Field Championship 1990 Medal Winner


:blow: :party: :jester:
As always these birthday threads sneak up on me! Another year gone by!

And Happy Birthday to Vicky, the hottest 35 year old around! :bg:
[COLOR="DarkSlateBlue"]It's that day again!


[SIZE="4"]HAPPY BIRTHDAY![/SIZE] Heart :blow: :crown: :party: :birthday: :love:
BTW, Vicky is on the cover of Stuff for Men magazine in the issue that's currently on news stands. As that's something of an R-rated publication, we don't post links at this forum... but it should be pretty obvious how to find their site. Smile
Acck! Missed this again!

Happy belated birthday to Victoria Pratt!

:party: :balloons: :blow: :birthday:
OK, I'm within a few hours of catching this one on time!

:jester: :birthday: :love: :party: :blow: :cheergirl: :balloons:

So would this be her 39th already? Wow! Happy Birthday to Vicky, as always, and best of luck to her on what's sure to be another busy year full of genre movies!
[SIZE="5"]Today is the actual day!!!![/SIZE]

The big Four-Oh, eh? :bg: She seems to be keeping busy.
ON EDIT: Yes, changing the server time has goofed up the posting in this thread. Sorry.

Not to seem too nit-picky, but the thread title (started years ago) says her birthday is the 18th. Maybe it's because I reset the server time but I'm seeing your post from the 19th.

We could always add the date to the calendar and link to this thread.

Happy birthday, Vicky!
It's today! :party: :hellohands: :hat: :clap: :love: :balloons: :birthday: Heart
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