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Full Version: 10/23 - Happy Birthday to Sam Raimi
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The man who started it all.......

Once upon a time, some little boys named Sam and Bruce and Josh began playing with super-8 cameras in their backyards. Fast forward ten years, and big brother Ivan's college roomie Rob suggested they try to make a real film, with Sam directing, Bruce starring, Rob producing, Josh on sound, and even baby brother Ted as an extra. Fast forward another ten years, and Bruce was starring in "Brisco County," Ted was starring in "Seaquest," and Sam and Josh were directing their own movies. And then Rob got this idea for a fantasy series, and get this - film it in New Zealand!

And the rest was history.

Today Sam Raimi turns 44 - the director of the 5th biggest motion picture in history, and the producer of several of tv's most memorable series, including the one-and-only Xena Warrior Princess!

Happy Birthday to Sam Raimi!

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Indeed! The man has provided us all with hours of entertainment. May he have his cake and eat it too!
Happy B-day Sam!

Have some icecream with that cake Big Grin


Happy Birthday to u's.
Another year, and Sam is a year older. Interestingly, he's "big" enough now to make it in the list of celebs whose b'days are listed in the newspapers.


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Another year has come and gone... and Sam Raimi turns a distinguished 46!

[Image: sam2.jpg]
47 never looked so good!

[Image: sam-comic-con.jpg]

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Sam Raimi!!!

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Shares a birthday with fellow director Ang Lee, according to IMDb.

Happy birthday, Sam!

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Today is the day!

And in a coincidence so freaky that is had to be real, this morning I did a double take, and then a triple take, when I saw an aging yellow Oldsmobile parked a couple of blocks away from me! :bounce:

I had to go see if it was in fact a Delta 88, and discovered that it was a Delmont 88, a slightly different model from the same era. And a little paler shade of yellow, less maize-colored. But definitely from the mid-70s! Fortunately, the owner didn't spot some disreputable guy checkig out his car.
[SIZE="6"]Happy Birthday to Sam![/SIZE]

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Today is the day! :hellohands:

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A few weeks late, but worthy of noting anyway!
As he often says, "Beast Witches" to Sam Raimi!

[Image: Sam+Raimi+Comic+Con+International+2012+W...hZJozx.jpg]
Hey, even in MY time zone I'm still able to say, "Happy Birthday!" on time (for a change). Must be fate.
Happy Birthday to Sam!
Wishing a very happy birthday to Sam Raimi, the creative genius behind the Evil Dead trilogy, the Spider-Man trilogy, Hercules and Xena, Jack and Cleo, The Quick and the Dead, Drag Me to Hell, The Gift, Legend of the Seeker, Oz the Great and Powerful, the Spartacus series, and the upcoming Ash vs Evil Dead​!

[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=276&d=1445616387]
"Beast Witches" to Sam Raimi on his birthday!
august Wrote:ALTHOUGH.... bless his heart, there's also an entire Wikipedia page on un[/COLOR][/U][/I][/B]realized projects[/URL]" :crazy: :laugh:

Honestly, the list isn't that long, and most of them seem to be just things that he talked to the studio about possibly directing, but ultimately didn't. Pitch meetings that didn't
go anywhere are hardly "unrealized projects." If my understanding of the business is correct, dead-end pitch meetings are pretty much a day-to-day thing. I'd guess that any
director known for genre movies has a list at least this long of things they were brought in to discuss doing, but didn't move forward with.

Evil Dead 4 didn't happen, but the Evil Dead reboot did, and then Ash Vs The Evil Dead, so I'd say that was eventually realized. It's been a while since Spider-Man 4 was on
the table, but I seem to recall the studio had as much to do with that never happening as Raimi did.

I think World of Warcraft and The Shadow are the only ones I'd really count as unrealized projects of his, as he was attached to them for quite some time. In the case of WoW,
it did eventually get made without him.
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