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Full Version: Sarah Anne's Birthday !!!!!!!!!!
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Yep, the nubile nymphet herself is now officially legal, as of Tuesday June 17th!

And here, for posterity, at long last is the list of her net forum handles!

Sapphirine Tiger (her hobbies were "tigers, books, Xena, and THONGS;" occupation was listed as "annoying high school teachers")
~~Sailor Moon~~
Snow Tigress
Lady Samatha
Handle Happy (note: the understatement of the year! :tongue: )
Thong Diva
Goddess of Chocolate (her occupation was listed as "Eating, sleeping, and living for chocolate")
Marvin the Martian's Love
Sam I Am
SweetHeart Jupiter
FrogLover (Occupation: Kissing frogs; Interests: Trying to find that prince... )
Woman in Tree
see Spot run
Political Thong
Loopy Diaperface
Sister Pineeyes
Protector of White Tigers
VixenWarrior (Occupation: Seducing guys; Interests: guys, guys, guys, and Ares)
most dumbest
Baby Fred
Xena Wannabe
What is it to you?
They're back
Sweet Tiger Goddess
Crazy Lady
*Snow Princess*
Goddess of the Nutforum
Naughty Siber (stated occupation: "Harem Dancer")
Illegal Pine
August's Nymphet (my personal favorite) :laugh:

And then over here, we've known her as Gypsy Pine, GypsyPineGoddess, Lil Sweetheart, June Paradox, Nymphet 17, and finally.... Sarah Anne! (I count 54 in all.)

Thanks for being a part of our forum family for the last three years. Conngrats on overcoming every possible obstacle that someone could have put in their way, from weird surgery stuff to weird family stuff to weird school stuff.

[Image: n-megbday.jpg]



HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PINE GIRL! :bg::birthday: :party:
Happy happy BDAY!!!!!! Big Grin

Another year older, another year sweeter, another year that we're so glad that we know you!

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!

:bg: :crazy: :birthday: :love: :party: :jester: Confusedun: Heart :crown:

To my former partner in crime... happy birthday, girl! *carries in a huge stack of gifts* Congrats on having your b-day 1 month, 11 days before mine (111... weird). Maybe at 1:11 one day we can smash birthday cake into each other's faces? Ha ha. Anyways, happy birthday, you crazy girl!
Quote:Maybe at 1:11 one day we can smash birthday cake into each other's faces

To paraphrase Ares in "Seeds of Faith" - "Oh I would pay to see that."

August, I'm disturbed by this "Officially Legal" stuff.

To quote the Concrete Blondes,

"We are in the window,
Feeling far away,
News on the radio,
Happy Birthday,
Happy Birthday,
Happy Birthday...."
Go, go, go, go
Go, go, go Sarah
It's your birthday
We gon' party like it's yo birthday
We gon' sip Bacardi like it's your birthday
And you know we give a * * * *
It's your birthday!

:blow: :party: :birthday: :crazy: :chinese: :crazy: :birthday: :party: :blow:

Quote:Originally posted by yokan
August, I'm disturbed by this "Officially Legal" stuff.


Well, she'll always be illegal in our hearts....
Ha ha! I'm still illegal, though. *grins* Give me another year... to run away so none of you will go crazy! (Kidding!) Wink
Note: Alexandra Tydings, aka the goddess Aphrodite on Hercules and Xena, gave birth to baby daughter Ruby on 6/17/2004 - 6 lbs. 10 ounces, and apparently everyone is doing fine. Smile


HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:party: :birthday: :drink: :party:

Happy B-Day

Sorry it's late i've been real busy:thud:
Another year has come and gone, and Sarah Anne is all growed up now.

Happy Birthday! :love: :daisy: :jester: Confusedun: :party:
:crown: Happy Birthday! Hope you have a wonderful day! Confusedun:
Happy B-Day

:birthday: mmmm cake :lick:
Awww, :birthday: Happy Birthday Sarah Anne!!! :birthday:

I remember all those handles!!! Those are a lot! LMAO
Thanks everyone, for the wishes throughout the years. I haven't always been able to reply but I always read them and am grateful. I am now almost legal to drink, I feel like I am getting old Wink

{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Hugs to everyone here}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

BTW Akasha, I know who you are now. {{{{{{{{{{Akasha}}}}}}}}} to my first web friend ever, many years ago. :p
[COLOR="Blue"]When we first met her, she was a nubile 15-year-old nymphet, surfing the old Studios USA site at all hours or the late night and early morning, logging in under an increasingly voluminous number of handles because she kept forgetting her passwords!

And today.... well, tomorrow, actually - Saturday - she's a beautiful , accomplished young woman of 21! :love: [/COLOR]


:clap: :clap: :clap:

:party: :birthday: :blow:
Yay! My old partner in crime! To hours of joking, making up weird stories, and discussing relationship issues... here's to you, Sarah Anne!:blow:
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