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Full Version: A Little Bit of Caffeine Helps You Solve Problems
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Caffeine is a 2-edged sword. As a stimulant it helps people remain alert for longer periods of time. It can also cause severe hearburn, raise your heart rate, and if you ingest enough of it at one time it will kill you.

That said, a new study indicates that 1 cup of coffee can help improve your problem solving skills (temporarily).

As a computer programmer, I spent many a night drinking caffeinated sodas while working on complex software. But even though we called it "brain fuel" as a joke, this is the first time I've heard of any research that supports the old programmer myth.

I'm not sure the tradeoff is always worthwhile. Sometimes I cut back on the caffeine and spend more time relaxing with family and friends. It does keep you wired, even when consumed in relatively low amounts over extended periods of time. The problem is, it's also addicting. Caffeine (withdrawal) headaches are a real thing.