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Full Version: Click to Edit?
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For the past few years, ever since a previous major upgrade (new version of VBulletin, IIRC), a good many older posts are showing up with just the notation "Click to edit". Furthermore, it appears that attempting to link to that specific post by right-clicking the little post number at upper right in the post window and copying the link, doesn't work right, if e.g. you insert that link in another post for a reference.

No idea why just those particular posts get that treatment and not others, although it seems more frequent when VB code, alt-codes, and the like are used.

If it's your own post, & you're logged in, you can select "edit" and see the text. After editing and saving it should be normally visible to all users.

I've found that the text of any post can be seen (with some codes and punctuation showing up as some kind of question-mark-black-diamond symbol for I guess "unknown code") by clicking "reply", even if you don't actually post any reply.

It's still a lot of extra effort and annoyance for those who want to research or peruse old threads.

Does anyone else observe this? Is there an issue related to my particular environments (various recent Windows and either Firefox or MS Edge) for which there might be some Admin-level global fix? Or, will we have to resort to these expedients I've found as workarounds?
It has to do with the character sets people originally used in composing their old posts. They weren't properly converted in the migration.

Any moderator or admin has the ability to go in and fix the posts, although it's tedious.

I edit these posts as I come across them.