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Full Version: Looking for a title/author
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A group of friends find a piece of metal that gives them unlimited propulsion . They develop their own vehicle, but find themselves chased by others that want the device.  Gun battles ensue. 
Maybe written by Doc EE smith ?
Perhaps Anti-Grav Unlimited by Duncan Long?

If that's not it, do you recall any other details about the story? Maybe a character name?
Not sure what happened, but I received a private reply from Littlewing - I think in response to the notification of MY reply from the forum.

That said, I don't know the details of Anti-Grav Unlimited. I know the plot in a rough manner.

There was another, similar story that I read long ago, something about the "lost tribes of Earth", where an anti-grav metal launched a revolution in space travel. But what I recall of that book doesn't match the details provided above - nor was it Anti-Grav Unlimited.