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Full Version: Updating email
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After some 20 years, I'm finally changing my primary email address. The old one, 20 years old, is in one of the domains listed in that email issue announcement, and is also in a domain that was bought out well over 17 yrs ago!

I'm running into some trouble, tho. I go to "user CP", click "change email address", enter my new email, and click the "update email address" button. It comes back with the message that instructions will be sent to the new email address.

They never arrive.  Undecided   Huh

For good measure, I also check the old email address, but no luck there, either.

I'm hoping to be able to cancel that ISP subscription by about October, as I'm now paying considerable $$$ for nothing more than 2 email addys! (Used to get dial-up service thru them, but that's not viable anymore, and they stopped providing the little slice of web space that used to come w/ the deal). However, I've got to run down and change about 10,000 websites that use my email one way or another and change, and I'm getting pushback right out of the box!
Sorry for the difficulty.

However, the problem is not on our end. It's with your Internet Service Provider, who block emails from SF-Fandom.

Please see this note:

Your new ISP domain is also owned by one of those mentioned in the note.

You can contact your ISP and ask them to whitelist email coming from SF-Fandom.Com and/or from IP address They may not do that.

We can change your email address per your private request, but you won't receive any notifications from SF-Fandom.
You could register a Gmail account and change to that. At least you'll get email from us (although it might end up in the Junk/Spam folder until you whitelist us).
From what I understand, Spectrum Communications made a business decision years ago to arbitrarily block huge range of IP addresses belonging to many Internet Service Providers. They make no provision for getting off the blocklist. This appears to only be directed at email spam.

Many Spectrum business customers apparently end up on these blocklists, too, and few if any of them seem to get off the blocklists.

This is not like being added to a classic Email Blacklist, where you can go through a process that verifies your server is not being used by spammers (or to send spam), and you're removed from the blacklist. We've had to do that several times through the years. We're not currently listed on any public blacklists. I check that every year, several times a year.

Spectrum's policy affects users of both the forums we operate (Horror Forum being the other one) and all of the Websites where we allow people to sign up for email notifications. There is literally nothing we can do about this situation.