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Full Version: Baen Book reminder
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I was surfing my saved internet favorites, and I realize that I should remind you. 

Baen has a free Andre Norton collection for  e-books.  This is probably available elsewhere, but if you have an electronic book reader, free is always good. 

Star Soldiers by Andre Norton - WebScription Ebook (
Time Traders by Andre Norton - WebScription Ebook (

Baen presents these collections, and several other author "first books" as a lure to hook you into the universe.  So there are Sharon Lee & Steve Miller first books. Just waiting for "fish" to be hooked.
The main thing to remember about BAEN Books is that they (BAEN) are infamous for not editing after they use an OCR program, so their books are loaded with errors and name changes. I get emails at the website all the time asking about those name changes, who did them and why? At first I ignored them, but then I received so many complaints that I started looking into them. I have chased a lot down to BAEN and those erroneous omnibus editions that they released in the years 2000 thru 2008.

I myself don't care that much about some name change but I do care about the quantity of errors in these stories and others. When ebooks first started coming out and I read them, I ignored the errors and told myself that it would get better. But, it has NOT! It has gotten much worse and now the books in print are full of these OCR errors also and nobody cares. What a shame!

I must add - I just love BAEN's art department - their covers are great.
Perhaps this is a case of "You get what you paid for." and these are FREE.
Perhaps it's a matter of Laziness for it is all of the BAEN editions not just the free ones.
All of the OCR books I've read online have similar problems regardless of who produced them. That includes Google Books' archive.

The OCR industry may have made incredible advances over the past 30+ years (thanks to revolutionary machine learning algorithms), but it still leaves much to be desired. So I wouldn't fault BAEN for being so careless. They like everyone else must live with the limitations of the technology.