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Full Version: Sometimes you need a monster to protect you from other monsters
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Hello everyone and my name is Jim banks and I have published this paperback and kindle graphic novel on amazon called Doctor Leviathan volume one. My book consist of three stories that take place in a dystopian future with a dark hero that some have compared to a H.PLovecraft character. The world he lives in is a is a world where monsters and madmen are the norm and they only live to terrorize or try to enslave mankind. Our hero defends earth as best as he can but in doing so some see him not as a savior or protector but as a monster. 
I developed my taste for science fiction and horror from old school science fiction movies like THE THING.........IT terror from outer space ......When worlds collide .....and THEM. I have also been a big fan of H.G WELLS and a lot of his works. I have been publishing comics and graphic novels since 1996 and I have developed ideas for my writing and drawing from those old school science fiction movies.

This is a You tube book review of a comic book I published in 2005 that I made my graphic novel from. -  

This is the link to my paperback graphic novel -

This is the link to my kindle graphic novel - DOCTOR LEVIATHAN VOLUME #1 eBook: BANKS JR, JAMES: Kindle Store

This is my artwork Facebook page -
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