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Full Version: Wokeness is ruining Disney parks
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Children and the young at heart don't know what racism or hate is and often ask why ?
I read that guy's editorial. I'll just say I disagree with him. I'm still getting used to this "woke" jargon. I'd never heard of it before being accused of being "woke" last year. Had to look it up and still don't see how it applies to me.

Disney, on the other hand, has a long way to go to atone for its corporate sins.
I like good entertainment .
(April 23rd, 2021, 09:48 PM)badlands Wrote: [ -> ]

Children and the young at heart don't know what racism or hate is and often ask why ?

as far as i can tell "wokeness" is just a term used to further divide humanity so we keep fighting each other. "woke" people tend to acknowledge/are aware of the differences in material condition or social status that people are forced to exist under. so like just being empathetic towards other people's struggles.. those that uses the term as a pejorative (which is everyone who calls someone else "woke") tend to let fear and 'establishment' control their opinion of other humans. these people tend to be those in power ie have the big money, or those that have been brainwashed by those in power via marketing/media into believing that they are also part of the exclusive club of influence when they are in reality just peons like the rest of us. Sad
In as state, Florida, that has so many things that I disagree with, I find that Disney is an island of reason.

Even if I don't love the "Disneyfication" of several stories (Like the Little Mermaid), Disney has done a pretty good job of keeping sane in an unsane world.

I'm thinking of going there next year. Better vote for that NASFIC now. [NASFIC = North American Science Fiction convention in years when the World Science Fiction is outside of North America.]
I don't know whats the problem, but then I never was into Disney stuff in the first, so maybe that's why all "woke stuff" never bothers me. I'm puzzled why people aren't upsed when series like Firefly everyone speaks Chinese but there are no Chinese anywhere to be seen.
I wouldn't say no one was bothered by the lack of major Asian actors. It's occasionally a topic of discussion in the entertainment Web. Here's a Screenrant article from 2020:

Firefly: Why Characters Speak Chinese (Without Subtitles)