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Full Version: Video: Fans remember seeing 'Star Wars' in 1977
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In January Looper published a video recapping things older SW fans had to say about what it was like to watch Star Wars in 1977.

Watch What It Was Really Like To See Star Wars In 1977 from YouTube
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I watched the movie 17 times that year. As best I can recall, the movie had been in theaters for a couple of weeks before I went. I saw the ad in the newspaper and kept wondering why it was so big.

When I finally went my younger sister said she wanted to see it, too. We took her best friend (our next door neighbor) with us.

I paid for the 3 tickets. We were so blown away we had to see the movie again. As we walked out of the cinema I said I had to watch the movie again. Both the girls were enthusiastic about seeing the movie again, too. So I turned around and went right back to the ticket booth and bought three more tickets.

They saw the movie with me again on each weekend for a month. Sometimes I didn't have enough money to pay for 2 sets of tickets, so we'd stay over and hope we didn't get caught.

One day I only had enough money for 2 extra tickets so we had Rene (our neighbor) sneak through the side door. She almost got caught and I promised I'd never ask her to do that again.

The thing about Star Wars (for me) was that it was completely unlike any of the other science fiction movies of the 1970s. It was like watching entertainment from another world. Hollywood just didn't take science fiction seriously.
I didn't get a ticket because my brother and parents thought I was too little.
Yah know. I don't know. 1977 ???
I could have seen this in the theaters. I was already working here in CT. I just don't remember when/where I first saw the film. I've seen it lots since, at least once on the "big screen", as I remember the trash compactor feeling huge.
I must have seen it, but I don't remember the details, like which theatre I saw it in. What I _do_ remember is finding a book about the movie in the reading pile at the barbershop around the time the movie was released. I was enthralled by the pictures of scenes from the movie, and promised myself I would go see it when it came. I live in a small city in Northern Ontario, and movie reels could take a long time to make it to our cinemas in those days. A six or eight month wait was not unusual.