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Full Version: HUGE Andre Norton sale - today only!
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250 Norton titles for 1.99 or .99, today only!

I highly recommend their newsletter about ebooks on sale.  You can specify the genres you prefer.  I've been able to fill out several series that way.  Andre Norton titles are frequently on sale through them.


These are all ebooks? I think I'll pass for right now. I've got a few of the early titles already there in big collections.

But, thank you for giving us a heads up.
250 titles is Absolutely Impossible - it's 64 titles by Open Road Digital Media in 5 different formats. I've been through most of them (the titles) and they are rife with errors. I have a digital copy of each and I much rather read the original.
Thank you for checking.

I much prefer reading the paper versions. BUT, I like having books in my e-reader for travel.

Someday, I expect to need to travel again.