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I am falling behind.... At least with Norton reading.
I never finished BREED TO COME, and have switched to FOUR FROM THE WITCH WORLD right now.
Read several other books when I stalled on BREED.

I'll get to this soon.
BROTHERS TO SHADOWS by Andre Norton copyright 1993

I like this book. I even like the cover by Daniel Horne

My story review is

My technical review is that we have another coming of age story. Jofre is young (16? 17?), but has reached full education as a pseudo-ninja. I like the clothing description, and accept the (slightly) sketchy descriptions of alien species.
Some I see as Kimodo dragons (Zacathan), others as various species of bugs, which most humans find slightly "icky" and hard to fathom. There is adventure, and a bit of "boy meets girl" in the story. Of course Andre Norton doesn't DO love stories. But she does paint pretty good mind-pictures, and adventure.
I've not read it in a while, but remember it being quite fun.

What do you know. Judith Tarr likes the book.