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Full Version: Harry Potter game
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I wonder if players will be able to use polyjuice potion to change gender. Hermione changed gender in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, as did Fleur. Whatever the author's personal views, I'm sorry to see this has become such a controversial thing.
Quote:Coupled with Rowling's comments, the ban on threads for promotional media came after reports that Troy Leavitt, one of the game's lead designers, previously created YouTube videos attacking feminism and praising the Gamergate controversy and cultural appropriation. Leavitt also posted anti-social justice material and referred to the #MeToo movement as a "moral panic," IndieWire reported. (It is unclear if Leavitt is still involved in the project.)

I believe he has since be pressured to step down. This whole situation is another example of the "tolerant left" biding their time and getting revenge on someone who disagreed with them. I remember when Leavitt posted the videos in question. I watched them. He's a middle aged veteran of the gaming industry. He had the audacity to post some videos to YouTube that disagreed with feminist 'critic' Anita Sarkeesian.

He presented his experiences working in the industry, and invited Sarkeesian to discuss the issues further, as he believed she had a severely jaundiced view of the industry that was not based in fact. He was completely civil and positive; a voice of reason. Of course, Sarkeesian's camp never took him up on his offer to discuss things, because he was a credible source and their arguments can't stand up to scrutiny. Moreover, his positive, likeable attitude meant that they couldn't easily shift to their tried and true victimhood tactic, claiming harassment.

Instead, they waited years until he was working on a major project, then kicked up this stink to get revenge. Nice kind of people. So loving and compassionate, and certainly on the right side of history. If you can't tell, they disgust me, and examples like this are why I have pretty much abandoned all current entertainment. I have no interest in supporting an industry that's so full of hateful, spiteful people that want to destroy effectively anyone that's to the right of Mao.