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Full Version: Star Wars Books
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Anybody like to read them?

I've read them on and off for decades and I've been trying to collect and read all of the pre-disney books.
I've read almost everything that happened after Return of the Jedi. They have some great arcs and characters I love in that period and it really pisses me off that Disney decanonized them for their terrible movies. Nerd rage. Anyway, I haven't read as much from the earlier periods but some stuff from the clone wars and the comics from the golden age of the sith.
I've read a handful over the years, and enjoyed them. Mostly I read the older stuff that had to do with Han or Lando. They really should have based the new movies on some of the old extended universe books. It certainly would have lead to a more coherent and enjoyable story, in my opinion.
I tried to read them in the 1980s but they published so many of the books I couldn't keep up with them. Same thing happened with the Star Trek book universe. They became cash cows and I didn't have enough cash to feed into the system.