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Full Version: Johnny Depp resigned from Fabulous beasts franchise
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Who will replace him in the series? Suggestions?
There will probably need to be "polyjuice" potion.
They can probably scrape up some footage from the electron & film scraps to bridge his character over.

Right now is NOT a good time in Depp's life, and he appears to have been asked to bow out.

Production has been delayed, and movie is now scheduled for Summer 2022.
Since they haven't started filming, I suppose there is time to rewrite the script.

Ticked fans.
I wouldn’t give this woman more roles till the storm is over because that might be what she wants and why she might be lying in their opinion.

What these mad fans can do ? Is boycott all your movies are especially the ones she is in, the Harry Potter movies, and merchandise.No more trips to Orlando unless you come to see the mouse.
Dear Badlands,
What does this actress from Aquaman 2 have to do with this thread about Johnny Depp or Harry Potter??? Ah, I forced myself deeper into the attachment. She is the one suing Jonny Depp.
So if other people don't want to follow the link, they don't need to.