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Full Version: Fans are upset at Rowling
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It's a complicated situation.

One of the ironies of being open-minded and accepting is that you must accept that not everyone shares the same views. That is why white nationalists are permitted to assemble and live freely in the United States. Their views may be repugnant to most people in this country but they are entitled to have those views.

J.K.'s fiction certainly speaks out against many repugnant views but that doesn't mean she shares every liberal view of society. People may be angry at her for not sharing their views, but you relinquish the moral high ground if you don't allow people to think as they wish.

If J.K. Rowling were actively promoting anti-LGBTQ laws then I would say that is crossing a line. But if she wants to share her beliefs about who is or is not of a certain gender she has that right. If we don't respect that right then we don't deserve it ourselves.

We must not allow ourselves to become thought police. There will always be people of different views about everything. It's one thing to be passionate about your views - even to insist they are correct - but you cannot suppress other people's views just because you object to them. Otherwise society just becomes a moral pendulum, swinging back and forth between whichever side wields the most power over the other.

That's a formula for perpetual violence, which isn't really going to do anyone any good.