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Full Version: Did Hogwarts' elves a better life after the final battle?
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I read the books years ago, more than once, and I of course enjoyed them like everyone else. I was a Potterhead and all that, even though it's been a while since the last time I did something (reading, watching a film, drawing) related to Harry Potter. I found myself thinking the other day (honestly, with everything that's happening with J.K. Rowling is like now Harry Potter is slightly bittersweet so I've been kind of out of the fandom) about the saga's ending and I remember Hermione saving elves' lives in the Hogwarts' kitchen (that's when her and Ron first kissed), and since Hogwarts opened again years later from that... what happened to those elves? Maybe that's something they've told in the book and I don't remember, or maybe it's in the film and I don't remember either, but I'd like to know if S.P.E.W. served some purpose. If the elves actually came back to Hogwarts but in a better work conditions or something. Or if everyone in the magic world kept thinking that the elves were "less" and, therefore, legit slaves. What do you think? Do you think Hermione actually changed something with her initiative?
the House elves at Hogwarts always had a uniform. i.e. Clothes. So, I think that they were free elves.

Dobby had been the house elf for the Malfoys, and when given clothes, i.e. a sock, became a free elf.
My memory isn't giving me the name of the female house elf that had also been freed. She had been the Crouch Family house elf.

I don't remember the elves leaving Hogwarts. In fact, had they not been' free elves', they could not have left.
I also don't remember that Hogwarts was ever closed, so not "opened again years later".

I always assumed that the castle was repaired over the summer. With a lot of help from the House elves and their magic.
[It was open for Teddy Lupin, who was a baby during the battle. He would have been in Hogwarts at age 11.]

I suppose it it time for a re-read. I certainly have plenty of time.
Maybe they were discriminated against, but I doubt that it would happen in Hogswart.
According to J.K. Rowling in a Pottercast interview, Helga Hufflepuff brought the House Elves to Hogwarts to ensure they were treated well. But they don't seem to have been free elves because Hermione started S.P.E.W. to campaign for their freedom.

How they could wear uniforms and not be free isn't explained anywhere I've heard of (well, remember).