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Full Version: China vs India border dispute
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I doubt it.

I think we're already fighting the 3rd world war - the so-called "war on terrorism", because militant Islamic groups are active in dozens of countries and have proven so hard to defeat.

But for another war between major powers I think you'd need to have two alliances line up against each other as happened in the first two world wars.

And, honestly, I've always felt that the U.S. War for Independence became the first global-scale war, followed soon after by the Napoleonic Wars. So technically we're really into World War V by my measure.
(June 29th, 2020, 06:26 PM)badlands Wrote: [ -> ]Could this lead to World War III?

It seems to have passed for now. However, it's just one more example of why the rest of the world should have nothing to do with China's Communist government. The best thing about the current situation is that we don't need to have a war to destroy China. Just move our manufacturing out. And India is a great option for moving big manufacturing operations that, for good or ill, have to be undertaken in countries that offer cheap labor.

If we start moving our big manufacturing out of China, how long do you think it'll be before they start to collapse, and Xi is taken out behind the woodshed and given the old Communist 'retirement party'?