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Full Version: Avengers Endgame - Interesting Steve Rogers off-screen sub-plots
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I think most fans assume that Steve Rogers went back in time and spent his life with Peggy Carter.

That's possible, very plausible, and the Russo brothers said it was their intention.

We never actually get to see Peggy's husband in any of the movies or the Agent Carter show. We do see that she keeps an old picture of Steve on her desk, from which I always inferred she always loved him.

So assuming it was always in the timeline that she got to spend her life with Steve, she would have had to keep that from him.

Now, let's go back to the end of Avengers Endgame where Steve is getting ready to return the Infinity Stones and Mjolnir to their previous places in the timeline.

How would Steve get to Vormir?

He'd need to borrow a spaceship, right? But we don't see him return the Guardians' spaceship to Quill. Is this handled in any extra scenes or interviews?

Assuming Steve got the stone to Vormir, he'd have the opportunity to meet the Red Skull. Right?

Or was the Red Skull freed (or allowed to die) as soon as the Soul Stone left the planet? I'd still like to know if Red Skull is skulking about the universe somewhere.

It's possible that Nick Fury gave Steve advice on how to hook up with Captain Marvel or maybe the Skrulls so they could give him a ride to Vormir.

Another possibility is that Thor could have told him to contact Heimdall. Heimdall would immediately know something was wrong on Earth and he could have helped Steve get to Vormir and back. And Heimdall was very good about keeping secrets. If there is anyone Thor would have trusted not to break the timeline, I'm sure it would be Heimdall.

When Steve was saying good-bye to Bucky, Bucky said he would miss him. I've long had the impression that Steve had told him his intention to stay in the past. Steve said, "Don't worry - it'll be okay." Maybe this has already been acknowledged somewhere but I don't remember seeing anything from the Russos about it.

So Bucky probably knew what Steve had in mind. He would have known that Steve would not interfere with history as it had played out. So that must mean that Steve would have to keep busy while history was unfolding.

He'd also have to stay invisible to avoid putting Peggy into a compromising situation. She became the head of S.H.I.E.L.D. and they almost certainly monitored her private life to ensure she didn't become compromised. H.Y.D.R.A. would have kept an eye on her, too, as they infiltrated S.H.I.E.L.D.

So while this might seem to reinforce the idea that Peggy married someone else, we do get to see pictures of her with her children. Only her and not her husband. Where was he?

Maybe he took the pictures. And maybe he didn't spend a lot of time at home because it would be dangerous for the family if his presence were discovered.

If Steve Rogers had the ability to get the Soul Stone back to Vormir he may have had the ability to avoid being detected on Earth by visiting other worlds. The time travel plot opens up a lot of possibilities.

It's just hard to imagine him standing idly by while H.Y.D.R.A. infiltrates S.H.I.E.L.D. He would understand the peril of changing the timeline but he would need to do something to prevent himself from giving in to temptation.

Meanwhile, Professor Hulk said something interesting when Steve failed to reappear on the platform. He said that Rogers "zoomed right past" the return point. Did he just mean that Rogers had missed the point or that Steve went far into the future?

He would have needed at least two Pym particles to make a trip to the future and then to return to "the present" moment (at the end of the film).

A trip to the future might explain where the repaired Captain America shield came from. Thanos had destroyed it in the final battle. How could Steve have picked up a shield from his past timeline without changing history?

If he traveled to the future to live out his life in peace (or maybe have adventures, with or without Peggy), then he could have visited Wakanda, where he would have been welcomed as a friend. They could have given him a shield to replace the one that was destroyed.

So, those are my thoughts and questions.

What are yours?