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Full Version: New Introduction to Mordomin stories
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As part of my continuing efforts to adapt the Mordomin Gateway to the new forums location/format, I have written an new introduction to the eponymous character, here.

I would appreciate it if anyone who has read any of the Mordomin stories would take a few minutes (it's only four paragraphs) and read the new intro and then take a moment to comment, especially if there are any deficiencies.  I already had to edit in the part about the result of physical contact with his cursed hand.  And I deliberately left out the rarely-seen ability of his hand to project flame (as I expect to tone down or remove completely that strained facet of his curse).

Thank you in advance!  Now, go back to whatever you were doing...
One thing that is deliberately missing from the Intro is any discussion of the three times that Mordomin casts bolts of black fire from his cursed hand.  That's because a) it would be a huge spoiler to put in an intro, and b) I'm planning on writing it out of future editions.