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Full Version: Wizards and witches interior designers
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I kinda of like Hermonine’s style.
Very clever marketing post. My hat is off to them for their creativity. But they certainly load the page up with a LOT of ads.
Actually this is a very clever way to display their expertise.  

I did note that these rooms are huge, but this is true of all designer rooms. 

I could agree/disagree with all or some of the things, but I liked the Harry, Hermione & Luna rooms. 

I thought that Dumbledore, even Amberford, would have a dwelling more like the headmaster's office. [Now that I think of this, Snipe didn't re-decorate during his tenure.] So the Dumbledore dwelling would have lots more heavy wood and leather covered furniture, and Many, MANY more books.   Heck my house is way smaller, and I have more books in my living room.  I usually have a pile in the small book case next to the comfy chair.