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Full Version: Do people commit suicide by playing role playing games?
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There were several kids that committed suicide because they played Dungeons and Sragons.
I have a friend, Hawke Robinson, who has devoted years to debunking the idea that role-playing games are psychologically harmful. He has published a fair amount of peer-reviewed research about therapeutic RPG.

He started a company in Spokane, WA where he practices therapeutic RPG. He also sponsors a program where he drives a specially modified gaming trailer around to conventions to make role-playing games available to people with physical disabilities.

So I would be very surprised if anyone really harmed themselves because of a role-playing game. I can believe there might be other mitigating factors involved, but role-playing games themselves have been shown to help people, not hurt them.
Yep, all of that stems from one kid c. 1980 - pretty sure his last name was something like Egbert. (Too lazy to look it up.)
He disappeared from school, and was rumored to be trying to act out a fantasy D&D scenario. Since this was the first time 99% of
America had ever heard of the game, it made all the headlines, and ended up inspiring
at least two novels, Hobgoblin and Rona Jaffe's Mazes and Monsters, which quickly became a TV movie c. 1983, starring
a young Tom Hanks. It turned out that the missing kid was struggling with confusion over his sexuality, which was
why he ran away. There was at least one book written about the case. I've never read about anyone committing suicide connected to the game,
although since it's popular with teens any young adults, and by definition is an escape, I'm sure plenty of people struggling
with assorted issues have played the game.
Ah, remember the moral panic over things like Dungeons and Dragons and Mortal Kombat? The good old days! :bg:

Hilariously it's even worse now, although the actors have changed, as has the object of their crusade. Now they aren't worried about Satan and violence, but a much more serious issue: hot computer game and comic book babes that appeal to teenage boys! OMG! Fire up the censorship machine! :roll:

You still do see the occasional "video games cause violence" argument surface, usually after a mass shooting. You know, when politicians are too lazy to attempt to tackle the complex social and cultural issues that lead to such things, or just want a culprit that distracts from a more directly responsible party that might be stuffing their bank account....:laugh:
"Cartoon-like women, tied up and sweaty
Panting and screaming, thank you, have a nice day

The currents rage, the dawn's upon us
This is the age of video violence
The current rage so deep inside us
This is the age of video violence"

~ Lou Reed