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Full Version: Did Harry Potter die?
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In the HP & Cursed Child, time travel occurs with different scenarios happening. In effect the antagonist is trying to force an alternate time line where Lord V triumphs.

I'd have to re-read the book to determine if one of the time lines "kills off" Harry.

Now the Fantastic Beasts movie - takes place in 1926 - well before Harry is Born. Remember that Dumbledore was credited with defeating Grindelwald and putting him in prison. But the Fantastic Beasts movies pre-date that occurrence.

So the moral of the story is: You must read the books for yourself. You should go to all of the movies.
Well, it's been long enough without a more definitive reply, I think. Or else I just feel the need to write something to let people know I'm here. Smile

Harry's relationship to Voldemort is finally explained in the last book. That includes why the prophecy says one of them must die. So either Harry must die or Voldemort must die in order to resolve their conflict. The movie does a rather good job of preserving the connection (despite having removed many other details from the story).

Voldemort's end in the movie is different from his end in the book. Harry's fate remains the same in both (it was too important a plot point to change much).
Haha - there seems to be some confusion over which is "the last." :laugh: Pretty sure Hallows is meant. So the answer is:

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Yes, sort of, to outwit the prophesy, but then just like Buffy, or Asian, or Gandalf, or Jesus for that matter, comes back to life.

Can't imagine why a happy ending would upset someone though.