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Full Version: Some very sad news for SF Fandom: Andre Norton: Forum readers.
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Unfortunately, this morning at 10:36 est. I received news from Sue Stewart (Manager of the Andre Norton Estate) that a long time friend of Andre's, and well known contributor to this forum Paul Goode passed away in his sleep some time last night.

As some of you may know, for the past several years Paul had been fighting cancer. I have been told that it was not an easy road for Paul or his family.

Although I never had the pleasure of meeting Paul in person, I have had the pleasure of interacting with him for a long lime. Over the years his knowledge of the "works of Andre Norton" helped guide the expansion of my Norton collection.
I can only say ~

Thank You, Dear Friend and "God Bless" ~

I would like to suggest that a donations drive be set up instead of flowers.
For now, Please ~ In the interest of privacy for the Goode family, I am asking that you email me through this forum and I will gladly share their current contact information.
Sad news; thanks for letting us know.
So sorry to hear this. Paul was as good natured in person as he was online. I have never met a more gentle soul in fandom. One journey ends, another begins.
Thank you for letting us know.
I will need to process this.
My memory of him was of a gentle bear of a man.
My condolences to his family, and to all you, his friends. It's sad news to lose a member of the community here.
I feared his absences did not bode well.

His quick wit and light heart are gone from us then. Rest in peace, and condolences to his loved ones.
Later, Paul.

~ with love, from all of your kind folks Smile
May he rest in peace.
Jerrie and I will be sending cards next week or when I/we get home & find the address.
Jerrie has phoned. I will send card & copies of messages from the forum.

[And now that I'm home I can use apostrophe on this keyboard.]
We have locked Paul's account to prevent hackers from ever being able to use it.
Ah, darn. Another good one has passed the Gate.

May the light of distant stars mark your path
May your passage be swift and smooth
Until you reach the beginning of your next Journey
May those who have gone before welcome you to the Company
And may those left behind be comforted
Until they, in their turn, pass the Gate
Farewell, wherever you fare.
I miss Paul very much: his big, booming voice; his enthusiastic filk [about Andre Norton, and otherwise]; and above all, his kindness.

I just received a St. Patrick's Day card from the Goode family.
Green envelope and all.
I'm very sorry to hear this. I was thinking about him fairly recently and wondering how he was doing.

Jay, were you thinking of some kind of GoFundMe so we can send donations, or something else?

I just got a card from Paul's Family