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Full Version: The Yellow rose of Texas -the black temptress
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Why didn't they make a movie about the African- American prostitute that seduced Santa Anna?
They did - Texas Rising, in 2015, for the History Channel. Details here.
Not being well versed in Texas history I had never heard this story. It's pretty interesting but unfortunate that it's now regarded as legendary. But that is the way folklore begins: someone does something to inspire someone else to commemorate them. And then it's passed on.

It is said there is hardly a town in England that doesn't claim to have a connection to J.R.R. Tolkien. The man must have visited every inn and tavern; how did he ever find time to write? George Washington also inspired a number of legendary stories, although some are mere myths (such as the story about the cherry tree). We cannot verify all the claims made about these people. But Emily West is special because she was not so famous; or rather, her fame is rooted in just a couple of events rather than a lifetime of achievements.