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Full Version: Trivia time
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Hello Kind Folks. Just a little fun. Here are five numbers:


What are the significance of these numbers?
Can you put them in the proper order?
What numbers are missing from this list?
There are at least two more, probably more
Among these five are the Alpha and Omega

Enjoy!!! Later Kind Folks--Paul :wicked: :bg: :laugh:
Are these numbers specifically Andre Norton-related? Are they smaller than a breadbox?

Just a guess:
Years when troops were sent to the ends of the "known world", Roman legion into China, STAR RANGERS who land on Terra of Sol?
Jerrie has a good idea, it is about Andre. The smaller than a breadbox question is trickier, Depending upon point-of-view, the answer could be yes or no. Intrigued? Later Kind Folks--Paul
Would one of the missing numbers be 2250?

Hmm... Street addresses? Part the street addresses where the Lady lived? I found the following address at

High Hallack
4911 Calfkiller Highwary
Monterey, TN

Anybody know the story behind the name of "Calfkiller Highway"?
Congratulations, Jim. Now can you put them in order? And Can you fill in the middle? The place she was born in and the place she died are in the list. Calfkiller Hwy is the 4911 entry. Does anyone have old correspondences with the addresses?
Later Kind Folks --Paul
I have correspondence from from Winter Park, FL on.

I just don't have the 'memory' space to save that kind of stuff.

[Heck I barely have the 'memory' for my, and my mothers street addresses - all current addresses are either attached to their email electronic card, or are in my paper-address book.]

Need more coffee now.
Andre was born at 1829 Mannerling Rd in Cleveland OH February 17, 1912 and died at 1007 Herron St. in Murfreesboro, Tn March 17, 2005
In between those addresses, She may have lived in Washington DC when she worked for the Library of Congress.
Sometine in the 1960's she moved to Winter Park,Florida to a house on Lakemont Ave.(I don't know the house number)
When I met her in August 1990 she was living at 1600 Spruce Ave in Winter Park. Her house there from one angle looked like a cat.
When she left Florida, she moved to 4911 Calfkiller Hwy, Monterey Tn
( Calfkiller Valley, River, and Highway were named after a Cherokee chief who ruled the area when the first European settlers arrived around 1800 right after the American Revolutionary War.)
She later moved to 714 Eventide in Murfreeesboro where she opened the High Hallack Library.
When her health forced her to close the library she move to 1007 Herron.

I have visited her last four addresses. And so the proper order is:
1829 (Mannerling)
?????? ( in WashingtonDC)
1600 --(Spruce)
4911 --Calfkiller)
714 --(Eventide)
1007 --(Herron)

Irene, didn't you once mention that Syracuse University has some of her correspondence? If so ,how available is it? Addresses and dates could maybe be obtained from her letters It's been fun. Later Kind Folks--Paul :wicked::bg:
My memory is that the donation was made to the library when she moved from Winter Park to Winter Park, or sometime in the 1970's.

Much of the correspondence no longer has the associated envelopes. And these were written TO Andre Norton, so even if people were following the more refined form of letter writing, only return addresses would be included.

I made copies of a lot of the stuff while I was there, but I was primarily looking for Enid Cushing's letters. I copied some others that I found interesting. These are, of course, one sided conversations. Sadly, P.M. Griffin just disposed of her Andre Norton letters, when she downsized, so I was not able to garner the other side of that conversation.
I think I made a rather complete listing of the correspondence - the length of which would not allow it to fit on this site.

Jay - Did I send you the Syracuse U. Collection listing? Did you post it on the Norton site?

Hmmm, I've also got some cards and letters from Andre Norton - but again not before she moved to Florida.
I may have some addresses in my "other" collection. I've got some contracts, and letters from publishers. I think that these are mostly copies. But some of this might have addresses.

Those years in working for the Library of Congress. And running that Mystery Book Store. I think that there is a Baltimore address. I can look if you think this is worth the effort......

I think that Roger Scholbin sent me a bunch of documents. I could take a quick look.....

It is tax season, and I'm struggling with the USGov on entering my taxes electronically (I submitted for the third time yesterday). I may be rather busy over this weekend.
Thanks Irene. There is no time restrictions I was just wondering about Andre and all the places she lived in. No rush. I would appreciate any info whenever I get it. When you are busy, you are busy. Later --Paul