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Full Version: T.J. Scott directs Victoria Pratt, Kelly Hu, and Katrina Law in "Death Valley"
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This came out in fall of 2015 in the US, and is just now getting released worldwide - presumably direct-to-dvd and on all the streaming platforms. Vicky's hubby (and prolific Ren Pics director) T.J. Scott directed, co-wrote, and co-produced.

Official site is at . Here's the description:

Quote:A blood-soaked a woman runs down a barren desert road toward the oncoming Police Cruiser. Later safe in a spartan interrogation room, she recounts her story.

The night before, only a few hours into a drunken courtship, the woman, innocent actress Annie Gunn, and hotshot LA producer Billy Rich decide a quickie Vegas wedding will finish their night right. Tourists Roy and Jamie Dillen agree to come along as witnesses to the intoxicated bliss.

Screaming down the back roads of the California desert, the bash is in full swing until a turn in the road reveals a semi-nude woman firing a gun at them. The car swerves. Not quick enough. They hit the woman and the four travelers crash into a ditch.

Now the car’s wrecked, the woman’s dead, and the desert looms large. And there’s not an answer in sight.

It doesn’t take long to realize there’s little chance of traffic on the secluded road, so they set out on foot to find rescue. Drunk, bruised, and battered, they all must discover who their companions really are, while keeping their own secrets buried.

As heat and hunger take hold, tempers flare and truths are revealed. Then when one of the group turns up dead, it’s a matter of choosing sides and staying alive.

DEATH VALLEY is a desert noir thriller that mixes brooding suspense, high tension, and human desperation to ask, who do you know, who do you trust, and how far do you go to claim what you want?

Awesome cast as far as genre cred: Kelly Hu from X-Men, Arrow, Warehouse 13, and Vampire Diaries, Nick Tarabay from The Expanse, Arrow, and Spartacus, Katrina Law from
Arrow and Spartacus, and Lochlyn Munro (from everything ever filmed in Vancouver. :laugh: )

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Here is the official trailer.

Watch Trailer for "Death Valley" movie from YouTube
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