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Full Version: Victoria Pratt's new movie Turbulence on Lifetime Move Network @ 8 PM tonight (Fr. 12/30)
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Turbulence - aka Flight 192 - debuts tonight at 8 PM EST on LMN. A trailer is here:

Quote:Sarah Plummer (Dina Meyer) is an FBI Agent whose family is taken hostage while she is on a flight to Washington, DC. "Turbulence" occurs when a mysterious stranger, Michelle
(Victoria Pratt) , is seated beside her and Sarah is forced to make a decision that could cost her the lives of her husband and twelve-year-old son.

Then it reruns at midnight, and then:

Sun. Jan. 1 @ 10:00 PM and 2 AM

Sat. Jan. 7 at 10:02pm and 2:04 AM on regular Lifetime.

[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=426&d=1483127961]
Dina Meyer and Vicky Pratt is a lot of sci-fi cred for...a Lifetime movie! :laugh: