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Full Version: African-American superheroes with South Carolina roots
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A cool cover story in this week's Free Times; a related article is here.

Quote:Michael Colter, the actor playing Luke Cage, hails from Columbia, where he attended Benedict College and the University of South Carolina. Sanford Greene, an artist in residence with Marvel since 2011, also attended Benedict. The Charleston native now living in Columbia is the illustrator for Power Man and Iron Fist, the most recent comic version of Cage, who sometimes fights under the Power Man moniker.

In addition, the upcoming Marvel film Black Panther stars Chadwick Boseman (of 42 fame), whose hometown is Anderson.

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This really does sound cool,
I like Sanford Greene's style. I heard him speak on a panel at comic con in 2012, and he seemed like a really solid guy. I didn't remember your post about meeting him, it doesn't look like I commented on it, but that's really cool!