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Full Version: New (ish) book [No spoilers please]
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Well, I finally broke down and bought HARRY POTTER AND THE CURSED CHILD.
I had avoided this because, well this is the play script, and really not written by JK.
But, I was supporting one of my convention book dealer friends (not getting my 20% B&N discount), and it was there.
Now, I have finally gotten a dust jacket protector on the book, and it is on the to-be-read pile next to the comfy chair.

At first I was loath to read this, also because the one review of the play (opened June-July in London) didn't include a cast listing for Ginny Weasley-Potter. But later reviews have included her. However, the reviews have NOT been favorable. Talking plot holes, and unlikely situations.

[takes a deep sigh] Well I'll read this, the way I used to read Shakespeare, out loud.
I read this book pretty fast.

The story was OK. I started reading the book out-loud to myself, but soon just read silently. I read in half hour binges while doing other stuff at home.

There were a lot of Scene changes, that were described, but ODD. I suppose the stage needed to be fully mechanized, or used Spotlights to highlight one part of the stage, and then another.

The story line bounced between the last time we saw the Potter family, at the train sending Albus Severus Potter off to school, and several scenes in the life of the characters. Those history scenes were more like watching a pensieve, and sometimes added, and sometimes detracted from the flow of the main story.

I quite liked the grown up Draco Mallfoy, as I liked what the last scene in the HP&DEATHLY HALLOWS, showed of the grown up Harry Potter.

I hope I kept this vague enough, no spoilers, because the main character of the piece was.............
IRENE Ha! Ha! Ha! [evil laugh - off stage]
Did I say that I quite liked the book? If the price for the hard cover (I think $29?) you could wait for sales - and I think Barnes & Nobel had a stack with "20% off" stickers or as ebook.
The above line was the way that the book was written: In stage script Who: what: [Stage action]

Did I say that I quite liked the book?

If the price of the original Hard cover is to steep ($29?) then Barnes & Nobel had a stack on the "20% off" table, and there is always an ebook.