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Full Version: Wounded warriors CEO's fired?
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Shocking, but all too common. The smell of easy money draws certain types. Many charities use most of the money for "administrative" purposes (i.e. lining the executives' pockets), and put a small amount into the stated purpose of the organization. I'm all for outing these charities for what they are.
I am sure the Wounded Warrior Project has done a lot of good but it has turned out to be such a disappointment to me. They have gone after other charitable groups for the morally flimsiest of reasons and they lost a lot of goodwill (including mine) for that.
Did anything happen to them? All I can see is that the president's position in the government department is under review.
Fundraisers getting a big chunk of the money is pretty normal these days, but 90%? Something needs to be done about that. It's pretty much why I've stopped donating money to charities that call me. Most of the donated money just goes to the call center, funding more calls in the future. Ugh.
The Wounded Warrior Project has lost $100 million in annual donations due to the scandal. They have laid off 15% of their workforce and about half their executives according to this story (among others).