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Full Version: Frank Frazetta Cover Art Gallery
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Here are some Frazetta covers I have collected from around the Web.

[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=127]

[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=128]

[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=129]

[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=130]

[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=131]
Five more. I can only upload five at a time.

[Image: frank-frazetta-death-dealer-01.jpg]

[Image: frank-frazetta-fantasy-01.jpg]

[Image: frank-frazetta-fantasy-02.jpg]

[Image: frank-frazetta-fantasy-03.jpg]

[Image: frank-frazetta-fantasy-04.jpg]
And here are another five.

[Image: frank-frazetta-fantasy-05.jpg]

[Image: frank-frazetta-john-carter-cover-01.jpg]

[Image: frank-frazetta-john-carter-cover-02.jpg]

[Image: frank-frazetta-john-carter-cover-03.jpg]

[Image: frank-frazetta-john-carter-cover-04.jpg]
And now five more...

[Image: frank-frazetta-john-carter-cover-05.jpg]

[Image: frank-frazetta-john-norman-cover.jpg]

[Image: frank-frazetta-luana-ii.jpg]

[Image: frank-frazetta-moon-maid-cover-01.jpg]

[Image: frank-frazetta-national-lampoon-cover.jpg]
Another five for you to enjoy.

[Image: frank-frazetta-norseman-wizard.jpg]

[Image: frank-frazetta-pellucidar-01.jpg]

[Image: frank-frazetta-pellucidar-03.jpg]

[Image: frank-frazetta-princess-01.jpg]

[Image: frank-frazetta-savage-world-01.jpg]
And five more of Frank Frazetta's classic masterpieces ...

[Image: frank-frazetta-space-attack-01.jpg]

[Image: frank-frazetta-space-attack-02.jpg]

[Image: frank-frazetta-wolfmoon.jpg]

[Image: frank-frazetta-wolfmother-01.jpg]

[Image: frank-frazetta-seven-romans.jpg]
And one more for the road ...

[Image: frank-frazetta-tarzan-cover-01.jpg]

If you really want to enjoy Frank Frazetta's artwork, you should consider buying one or more of these books.

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