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Full Version: the DEATHLY HALLOWS on TV
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This site has been pretty silent lately.

However, the DEATHLY HALLOWS - part 2 has just been shown on US TV.

I've also been re-reading my collection of HP books. (Just finished HALF BLOOD PRINCE.)

So, when watching DH-2 on TV, I found that I felt scenes were missing. Or there was stuff that I didn't remember.

In the book - didn't Harry mend his original wand?
In the movie - didn't they tell you why Molly was grieving in the area where people were laid out?
In the movie - I thought that there was much more stuff given to the viewer in the "train station"
Weren't students evacuated? I don't remember people put in the dungeons (of course that is where the potions class was held, and we suppose where Slitherin house is.

I'm assuming that this is all my bad memory acting up.
Unfortunately, I just haven't had much personal time for my Websites lately. I need to open up registrations again but I don't know if I would be able to keep a lid on the spam.

As for Harry Potter, I believe all the movies were recently shown again as part of a Thanksgiving Weekend special.

Despite the fact they filmed two movies for "Deathly Hallows", a LOT of stuff was omitted. To have covered everything probably would have demanded four movies.

Of course, various things from each of the books were dropped for all the movies. There was just too much detail and too many sub-plots for everything to be covered. The ghosts fell by the wayside after the third film, I think, even though they remained significant all the way to the end. I was glad to see that Helena was retained in the final movie.