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Full Version: Note on the forum errors
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Until further notice, the forum connections will be reset periodically throughout the day. We hate doing this but it's so far the only thing keeping the server alive in the face of ongoing spambot activity. The problem is occurring because of our Wordpress blogs, not the Vbulletin forums.

I have noticed that if you are logged in to the forums when the connections are reset (it takes less than 30 seconds to do this) that your cookies are immediately expired and you have to log back in again.

We continue to look for a better solution to the problem.
We have now gone several days without having to reboot the server. We will try stretching out the database resets to see if we can reduce the number of errors for people here in the forums. That work will happen in a few hours after I post this, not immediately. Sorry.
The attacks on the server have not subsided over the past few weeks but our defensive strategies have apparently worked better. I will look into stretching out the database resets a little further to reduce the inconvenience even more.
The resets have been stretched out again. They are now happening only a few times per day.