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Full Version: Andre reading club: Sargasso of space
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Now that I skipped to Star Born, I'll go back to the chronological list and do Sargasso of Space, the first of the four Andre Norton Solar Queen//Dane Thorson novels, This book starts out fast. In the first chapter, She introdces Dane Thorson and the Crew of the Free Trader SOLAR QUEEN and a quick overview of all the factions in this section of the galaxy. The excitement starts in chapter two with a Survey Auction of exclusive trading rights for several planets, some newly discovered. Well-written and fast-paced, it is a true page-turner. Deception and danger force the crew to think on their feet and improvise and tests their skills and stamina. I hadn't read this in a while and I'm looking forward to reading the other three. This is some of her best work and I totally enjoyed it. Later Kind folks--Paul:book: